Special and Heavy Haulage

The special and heavy haulage department has decades of experience in this branch. Since the Seventies, Rachbauer has managed an extensive logistical network in the transport of goods as well as in special and heavy haulage.

Due to the specialisation of Rachbauer on open vehicles, such as telescopic and low-loaders as well as non-standard extendable trailers for increased dimensions and weights, we have been able to create a name for ourselves not only regionally but also across Europe.

The Rachbauer Transport department cultivates intensive relationships with multiple construction machine manufacturers as well as with various industries and mechanical engineering customers in Europe.

Special Features:

  • Load area up to 13.60 m
  • Extendable trailer 13.60 bis 28 m

Special Features:

  • Load area modular extension up to 3.20 m
  • Loading height 30 to 50 cm – adjustable
  • Swanneck
  • Telescopic to 18 m

Special Features:

  • Loading height of approx. 80 cm to 1.00 m
  • Telescopic to 32 m (28 m in load-bed.)
  • Modular extension 3.20 m
  • Optional with drive-on ramp

Special Features:

  • Maximum platform loading height:
    • Without permit till 3,75 m
    • With permit till 4 m
  • Payload: 20 to
  • Length of load: 9,50 m


Thanks to a modern standard GPS vehicle supervision, the transport status of your product is always trackable.

The special and heavy haulage is carried out with the help of a select fleet of vehicles. This fleet of vehicles is managed centrally in Straßwalchen and represents one of the core businesses.


freight transportation
heavy haulage
special haulage
low loader & semi low loader
telescopic loader

Complete projects with transport variants

Rachbauer also offers solutions for complete projects with

transport variants which go beyond their core business. (Rail, water, air)



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